Plaisance Law is comprised of father and son team Mark and Marcus Plaisance. Our practice is focused primarily on state and federal appeals and supervisory writs. Our mission is to provide appellate services to ease the transition of a case beyond the trial court. We are here to represent those persons who have been injured through the fault of others. Additionally, we provide consultation to clients and lawyers regarding your important legal matters.

In each and every case, Plaisance Law aims to provide the best legal representation in a cost-effective and timely manner. We are able to provide quick turnaround when a last minute writ application or appeal is necessary. In addition, we are available to assist at the trial level with legal strategy, memoranda, and preserving issues for appeal.

Meet Our Attorneys

Why should you hire an experienced appellate attorney?

Appellate attorneys are hired to help a party to a civil suit or a defendant in a criminal case support or challenge the decision of a trial court. The appellate process is governed by specific rules and procedure which differ from those of the trial court and require stricter attention. This is one reason people hire an appellate attorney. A skilled appellate attorney should understand both the procedure of the appeal court and the grounds upon which the trial court decision may be supported or challenged.

Mark and Marcus Plaisance will explain the steps your case will take on appeal. There are steps common to each appeal, such as filing the notice, ordering the record, and filing the briefs. However, each appellate court can have slightly different rules and deadlines. Mark and Marcus will ensure the proper steps are taken in your appeal or writ application.


Can an appellate attorney help you at the trial court?

Hiring an experienced appellate attorney at the trial court level allows trial counsel to consult with someone who is well-versed on protecting issues for appeal. The trial counsel further benefits from having as part of the legal team an attorney experienced in research and writing. Developing the case at the trial level can greatly assist in an appeal or even help avoid one altogether.

Mark and Marcus have over 30 years of combined experience. Mark presided over countless trials when serving as Baker City Court Judge. He understands how trial judges approach cases, a perspective which can help you at the trial court. Marcus, who has been a practicing trial attorney for many years, can help present your case in the trial court while maintaining issues for appeal.