• State v. Kee Food, Inc., et al

    2017-0127 (La.App. 1 Cir. 9/21/17), 232 So.3d 29

    Represented corporate defendant and individual against whom civil judgment of forfeiture was ordered following service of process on individual defendant. The First Circuit Court of Appeal, in reversing the trial court, held that a general power of attorney permitting an agent to represent another in matters of litigation, while not specifically designating the individual as agent for service of process, is insufficient to constitute such a designation. Consequently, service of process on that agent is without effect. Since service was not made as required by law, portions of judgment against the corporation and individual owner were a nullity.

  • Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority v. New Limits New Limits, LLC

    2016-0706 (La.App. 4 Cir. 4/5/17), 215 So.3d 974

    Represented corporate defendant against whom default judgment obtained in district court. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal reversed the trial court, maintaining its circuit rule that, under La. C.C.P. art. 1702, the attorney certification requirement for confirmation of default is mandatory. As a result, the plaintiff was not entitled to confirmation of default since it failed to file the requisite certificate.

  • Saucier v. Washington

    2017-556 (La.App. 3 Cir. 9/20/17), 229 So.3d 19

    Represented defendant on supervisory writ regarding allegations of defamation. Appellate court granted writ and reversed, finding that comments made in online political blog, during a radio program, and in district attorney campaign literature regarding servitude dispute, involved matters of public interest, were protected by First Amendment, and should be dismissed under Louisiana Anti-SLAPP (anti-strategic lawsuit against public participation) statute.